Photodynamic Therapy Device KN-7000A

LED units: 1820

Outlooking & Feature

  • With 1820 units high power LEDs which is arranged in a matrix structure to provide higher intensity.
  • Light head can be adjusted for treated part.
  • cantilever design, flexible operation, easy use, the upper lifting arm can be lifted and lowered vertically, and can be fixed in any angle
  • 8 LCD touching screen, rotated by 360,easy operation.5 kinds of default therapeutic schedule for daily use
  • With prompt voice function .
  • Light intensity can be adjusted according to the requirement of treatment
  • Dual protection by starting key and power-on password. No need to worry about the mis-use by other unrelated personnel
  • No invasive treatment, no damage to skin cells, no side effects. No need to special care after treatment, can make up as usual

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High intensity LEDs


Composed with 5 pieces of LEDs module

each module have 364 units high intensity LEDs

total treatment area is upto 970cm2

Treatment head can be stretched and bent to semi-cycle

Swing arm design

swing arm design,treatment head can be locked in any position treatment head can goes up and down by 27cm freely rotated by 90 degree vertically

Control panel

8LCD touching screen,left-right rotated by 90 degree. dual protection by password and starting key main interface of control panel